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Youtube Inspirations

The special thing about this video is that it has the quality of 2D imaging and presented with 3D qualities. There are animations of the streaks of paint, animation of the paint.

The video below is created out of lights and very simple but not as interesting to watch personally.

Wow I love how the lights assemble, create a 3D city and when the camera pans around the city it looks like the 3D imagery in crystal ornaments. The lights then disperse and reassemble with car lights passing the city. It look beautiful because I like cityscapes and I wonder how this video’s done.

The next video is made out of abstract 3D lines animated in After Effects. Its continuous and starts to look boring at a point but the video is not that long.

I’ve done something like the next video. It is creative but I did not want to redo the same animation again.

I like the idea of multiple colours used on smoke because smoke is usually not any colour other than grey or off white. There is something about seeing an idea manipulated into looking mo real than the real thing.

I would definitely try something like this in the future. It’s bright and bold and attractive. It would be great to create a title sequence with this sort of animation.

Trapcode Particular is great for a lot of visual effects animation especially for effects in the video below. It is definitely abstract…

I want to use Trapcode Particular more often so that I can take full advantage of how it can be used to create various types of animations, whether combined with other effects or not.

Artificial Paradise is a strange concept but so creative. I love watching it again and again because the animations look fluent and realistic. The part I like is at 1.15 when the giant cube disassembles through small cubes and decreases in size. I think this might be abstract but I’m not sure. It feels absent but still interesting to watch.

Here are a couple more videos I liked simply because of the colour or the effect used.

I want to practice using cinema 4D to use in the future.


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