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Screen Grabs of Final Music Video

It wasn’t very complicated to make this video, except the fact that I had to deal with constant messing up of the sliding of the typography. I like typography a lot so I will make more video’s probably quoting speeches or a song. The following video will demonstrate what I mean.

I believe that videos like this are simple but creative and that’s where the magic is…finding creativity in simplicity. I know that timing is very important is videos like this because that is what I found myself following – whether the audio matches the typography. I believe that abstract products should include a lot of colours but for my video the title required yellow to stand out and yellow stands out a lot in black and white. Some may say my final product is not abstract but I believe it is because I have included elements like camera wiggle (that wiggles at random) and being random is being abstract. The type of font used was because I wanted to be as close to the graffiti looks as possible but could not find any that would suit the video as much as Bleeding Cowboys font did. The fact that the font goes well with the grunge paper textured floor is a well matched combination. For the title sequence of the video I initially had three glowing yellow lights but thought they looked boring so I tuned the colour up on one and down on the other – resulting in an orange and green lights. It definitely looked better with different colours and not having to go far from the colour yellow.


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