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Useful Books

Flaxman, T. (2007) Maya Character Modeling & Animation Principles and Practices, Boston, Carles River Media.

Chapter 6/7: Modeling A Biped Character/Rigging A Biped Character was useful for knowing how to build the character and build the skeleton, attaching controls and rigging the character to function its animation. The rest of the book does explain how to animate but I didn’t have time to go into that.

Kelby, S. (2006) After Effects & Photoshop, Indianpolis, Wiley Publishing Inc.

I would have to read the whole book to understand how After Effects works instead of reading a section or a chapter. Although I know the basics of After Effects I’m not as fluent with it as I am with other software’s. I will need to practice with After Effects on more projects to get used to it better.

Harrington, R. (2006) After Effects @ Work, San Francisco, CMP Books.

This book explores basic skills and how they can be advanced. If there’s an After Effects book that might be useful in the future then this is one of them.

Ahearn, L. (2009) 3D Game Textures Create Professional Game Art Using Photoshop, Burlington, Elsevier.

This is the book I would have used, had I got the chance to texture and use any of the models I had in mind or made.

Autodesk. (2007) AutoCAD Secrets Every User Should Know, Indianpolis, Wiley Publishing Inc.

This is the book I borrowed from the library to brush up on any CAD skills I’m not used to. I need to get into using more software’s to practice other computer aided designs that I’m not used to.

Keller, E. (2007)Maya Visual Effects: The Innovator’s Guide, Indianpolis, Wiley Publishing Inc.

I didn’t get to use this book but I had a good skim through it and it definitely goes through step by step guides of how to create visual effects through Maya. Definitely a more detailed book and I will have to go through this properly so that I can benefit more from it.


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