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3D Designs In Cars


Above is a website that gives tutorials on car body designs. The tutorials make the models look real, especially in adverts. A lot of 3D car adverts that I saw before knowing about 3D animation or 3D modelling softwares, I wouldn’t think that they were anything other than real but I’d also wonder how they’d create it like that. Now knowing about 3D modelling softwares and having experience in making 3D models I can tell the difference now. Below are a few adverts that I think stand out a lot because of the looks they give and entice customers to buy such cars (due to the illusion that the advert creates of what this car in particular can do).

3d Audi – Car Animation Video

Cobra Venom V8 concept – 3D car animation showcase – Norma Movies

DEVOLUTION – new SHC concept car – 3D design animation trailer


Above link shows how popular an automotive 3d design engineer’s job is but some jobs for graduate’s requires at least a years industries experience. This is a problem and after Level 6 I’d have to apply for a placement or an internship to gain this experience.


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