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3D Modelling, Softwares and Dissertation

3D modelling is a very exciting career path and I’m very interested in taking up 3D modelling jobs.

3D modelling can be used for many types of purposes.. a few of them being animation, film, games, interactive design, automotive designs, etc.

Softwares that I’m aware of that create 3D models are  Maya, Mudbox, ZBrush, 3ds Max and Cinema 4D. So far I have worked with Maya and 3ds Max and in the summer of 2012 I want to practice using other 3D softwares like Cinema 4D, Mudbox and ZBrush. If I hopefully progress onto Level 6 of DFGA then I want to focus my Dissertation on 3D Modelling. Because 3D modelling can be associated with any media I am struggling to come up with a title for my Dissertation but the aim is to focus on 3D modelling.




3ds Max

Cinema 4D


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