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Area of Interest

Photoshop image manipulation

What I want to focus on so far in the Independent Practice module is photo-realism. Ever since I’ve learnt to use Photoshop I have been fascinated with how to change the look of photos. I liked to make photos look ‘perfect’; although perfection in my eyes has never existed in reality but Photoshop allows perfection to seem real as the photo of reality is altered.

When I say reality of a photo can be altered, I mean the lighting can be adjusted, the colour of a particular part or entire photo can be changed, images can be added, certain parts can be taken away or replicated etc. What I liked doing most at first in Photoshop is erasing blemishes or improving imperfection on a person, later I discovered colour changing and then I began to experiment with cutting and pasting where I would gel together different things to make one image/collage.

Considering this I want to involve image manipulation using Photoshop for my final image that I want to produce.

3D Modelling

In the first year of this course I discovered 3D modelling for the first time. I knew it existed before but seeing the software and creating from scratch was a whole new inside. Although at first it seemed confusing and complicated, I still wanted to use it further because it fascinated me and made me want to use it more often to find out more about how to use it because I found a way for my imagination and thoughts to materialise through a 3D software.

During my second year I got better at using Maya and developed a more complex 3D model than what I initially worked on during the first year. I have yet to learn more about Maya but I want to continue using it, learning from it and improving in it. Its the one software I like using even more than Photoshop.

This is why I will use Maya for the final work and possibly use other 3D softwares to improve my model.

Final Outcome

I definitely want to use Photoshop and Maya for the final piece that I wish to create so I have decided that I will use Maya to develop a model and composite it with other media like a possible painting in Photoshop or a photograph taken with a camera and relate the model to the real world by playing around with the certain (render) settings of Maya (i.e mental ray, ray tracing, reflection etc).


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