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The title of my dissertation is Digital Storytelling and Character Development. The purpose of the dissertation was to cover storytelling in films, interactive games and animation. The main focus of this was three dimensional approaches taken to execute the outcomes. In this module a three dimensional approach will be taken to achieve a photorealistic final image. I have chosen to try and achieve a final still image in three dimensions because I want to focus on 3D modelling. 3D modelling is my desired area to work in and I wish to pursue it further using this project. I believe this module will provide me with the opportunity to test my existing skills in 3D modelling and develop new techniques and experience other approaches to execute an improved final product. During this project I will explore the techniques and processes used to render 3D materials/objects in Maya.

Firstly the reason I want to produce a final image is I mainly want to focus on 3D modelling and rendering in mental ray; this is why animation will be kept to a minimum. I will however produce short animations to demonstrate that I can fully rig and animate an character in Maya. My main purpose however is to demonstrate that I can render as well as I create models in Maya.

Secondly I want to create a photorealistic image because I want to experiment using mental ray and develop my knowledge of it. The task is to broaden my knowledge of rending in Maya as I have not focused much on this area before. I feel that achieving photorealism is a challenge because I have not only not used mental ray before but I have never created anything photo real. Therefore this project will test my ability to learn, develop and produce these skills to help me in other projects.

I have decided that I will look at artist or practitioners that focus on such areas and study their work to understand what makes the images look real and what effects could be used via technique and process.

An artist I already am aware of is Benedict Campbell who combines the human body and machinery to achieve a stylized look, his talent to make something unreal look real is what inspires me. I will study pieces of work that appeal to me and try to decipher the possible materials or techniques used to achieve the effects created.

Another artist that inspires me is Julian Beever who creates 3D street art. It is not the approach I want to take but it fascinates me to see how 3D art can go to the extent of looking real. Even though this artist is not a digital artist, it will be interesting to explore 3D art in its physical artistic form rather than digital. Beever’s art however depends on being viewed from a designated angle to give the illusion that it is 3D. I think I might have to study camera angles also when it comes to capturing the character in 3D.

Finally to composite my final piece together, I will use the cut/copy/paste technique used in a module during my first year. I like photo manipulation and I will use this technique to produce the background for my character.


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