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Anders Bergh – Photography, Digital Imaging and Digital Illustrations

Anders Bergh

I am going to describe why I think the image above looks real to me. When I see the object I automatically see that this is the shape of a car; it has wheels, headlights and windows (that reflect light). Now I think that the green grass and flower bed on the car are simulated 3D objects created in a 3D environment. I think this because the look of the grass looks smooth and silky, usually how monsters in 3D animated films have such textures that try and mimic and behave reality (in this case the 3D simulation of grass mimics the colour, light and texture of grass). I think the flowers were added to the back of the car to make the grass come to life by mimicking the life of flowers. I also think that this still image is making a statement about eco-friendly cars. The disadvantage of cars are usually the amount of pollution they cause which is causing global warming and upsetting the balance of nature (i.e. the grass and flowers are symbols of nature). I see that that the wind is blowing flowers off the car (possibly as its driving) instead of leaving pollution behind. So I think this still image is trying to express eco-friendly vehicles/machinery/modernism.

Realism within this picture – I think what makes this image real is the shape of the car, the aspects of a car such as the wheels, headlights and windows. The reflection and transparency of the windows helps to create a mental image that this is how a car should look like. Moving on to the unreal parts – I say unreal because a car does not grow grass/flowers and neither is it made out of grass. As a fact we know that a cars outer body is made out of steel (hard and tough material). What makes this image seem real the extraordinary simulated grass that behaves like actual grass. Light of the grass and the texture looks real as well as how the grass looks as though it is being blown to the left of the image possibly because the car might be driving to the right of the image. Due to the wind blowing against the front of the car, this could be the reason why there are less or no flowers at the front of the car and the flowers are concentrated at the back of the car where less wind can reach them. Out of the whole image I feel that the lighting is what makes the car ‘pop’ out in the entire picture. The lighting on the individual strands of grass are highlight of this picture.

I believe the material shader used for the grass looks more like fur than grass, so I thin k the fur shader must have been used to create the grass effect. The windows must have a shader that has transparency activated as well as refractions. Although from the size of the image it cannot be determined that refractions has been added because there is no reflection on the windows of the car but this could be an option to for a glass material. The wheels (tire and rims) of the car are matte in texture and effect so it’s safe to say that a material such as lambert must have been used for the wheels. The petals and flowers however I think must have been added through a photo/image editing software after rendering the car out of the 3D software. I can tell that the car model is standing on top of an image plane that has the texture of a road and grass on it. The default shader would be lambert for this. I think this because I don’t see anything extra done to make the road or grass stand out. The main focus would be on the car hence not much effort has been put into the environment.

This could be done with my final image. The 3D model I want to create can be the main focus so the background would not need much focus on it.


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