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Pierre Doucin – Photography, Digital Imaging and Digital Illustrations

Pierre Doucin

The image above is one of the many which I came across trying to find modern photo-realistic artists. It is a nude pose of a female model and think the effects added are cut and paste imagery of mountains and the moon/clouds that have been desaturated. The opacity has been reduced and they have also been aligned to create the illusion of a horizon. I can also see that any effects that have been added to the body do not pass the outline of the body – the effects are water splashes and oil spills/drips. There are also abstract objects on her back as well as on the left and right. These objects as well as the female model also have reflections on the floor. This  can be achieved easily in Photoshop to my knowledge. The 3D spheres on the right next to her right leg could be basic white spheres that have been rendered in mental ray or v-ray to look 3D and to create the illusion of light on top and shadow underneath to look 3D. The tone element in this image is what forms a three-dimensional appearance.


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