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3D Art In The Street

Another creative way to bring art to life (See Images Below). Three dimensional drawings drawn with precision on the street and captured as an image from a determined perspective – I think it takes a lot of skills, talent and a creative mind to accomplish such art. On the contrary the disadvantage would be that this type of art can only be viewed from one angle, so unless you are looking at it from the determined angle, it would be confusing as to what is the art about. Given that it is being seen from the correct angle, the three dimensional art is phenomenon. The correct lighting, shading and textures (and accuracy) is what makes this type of work stand out. So I’ve learnt from observing many types of art form that lighting, shading and texturing is very important to bring an image or 3D imagery to life.


3D Street Art

3D Globe

3D Fly

3D Art in the street

3D Anamorphic illusion

3D Anamorphic Illusion in the street


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