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More Images – Photography and Digital Imaging

The images below illustrate that Photorealistic images don’t have to be based on trying to recreate a photographic image using one media. I believe Photorealism can be achieved using different medias and effects. Below are some images I found odd but fantastic, not perfect but different.

The image below is a couple that have been trimmed around and placed on top of another background. The couple have been desaturated and separated to separate layers. The white level of the female has been increased whilst it has been decreased for the male counterpart. I also think there might be a gradient effects due to the hand of the female.

The image below is just a cut and paste of branches and a male playing the violin. This is not as complicated nor exciting to look at because the image of the male has been placed on top of the branches image and the everything except the part shown below have been erased with a soft eraser.

The image below has been altered either by adding a colour mask on top of the boy’s skin or the hue/saturation option was applied. I think a colour mask has been applied because the nails are green. If the image was altered with hue/saturation the nails would obviously change colours but not the same as the skin. The image also has a radial motion blur effect added to blur everything (except the centre) in an outward direction.

I think the image below has been created by constructing a 3D mesh for the shape and then it was UV mapped and textured to add the textured colour and eyes. It was then taken back into the 3D software and applied onto the mesh. I think a reference head could have been used for the head shape construction. I also think that before adding the texture, the mesh might have been sculpted in a software like zbrush. This could be a valuable process and I might use it for the final mesh if it needs more details. The image below looks real to be because I can see the representation of a human face. The fact that this face also has eyes included makes this concept believable.


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