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Vivid Photo Visual – Based in Manchester

  • Who they are:

Vivid Photo Visual is a video production and commercial photography company based in Manchester. They specialise in concept creation, production and editing.

  • What services they provide:

Videos: Animations – Music Videos – Time Lapse Videos – Presenter Videos – Product Demonstrations – Product Videos – Company Profiles

Photography: Property – Lifestyle – Product – 360 (degrees) – Ariel

  • How it’s relevant to you?

The company demonstrates what a video production company can offer. After researching this company I have found out that photography can also be associated with a video production company. I am surprised and glad to know that photography can be associated with a video production company. This makes me want to establish a fully flexible company in the future. As I have an A Level in Photography and I have also made use of Photography during my current degree, I feel that I have the capabilities of providing Photography as a service. Vivid Photo Visual however seem to have many services in the video production area. Majority of the services this company provides focuses on promoting companies rather than focusing on the design of the video. The 3D models presented are there to pan around rather than the model animating. They seem to be a basic video production company.

  • What are the benefits of aligning yourself with them joining/ paying for membership/subscribing to newsletters/ attending networking events?

The benefits I would gain by joining such a company would be to gain the experience of working in a basic video production company and I think this is necessary to start off a company of my own. The company has twitter and blog feeds that could be useful.



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