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The Production Company – Based in Leeds

  • Who they are?

They are a production company that specialises in video production for corporate and broadcast audiences. They work on projects from concept through to completion and their work involves high definition video production for broadcast, the web, presentation, exhibitions, training programmes and cinema adverts, CD/DVD ROM or filming events and conferences.

  • What services they provide?

They provide video production (pre-production, production and post production service) for:

– Broadcast – The web – Presentation – Exhibitions – Training programmes and cinema adverts – CD/DVD ROM – Filming events and conferences – Storyboarding and scripting

  • How it’s relevant to you?

Products they use for editing are Avid’s post production products (such as Avid’s Media Composer) and DaVinci Resolve, which I have heard of before but have not had any experience with. Maybe I would have to expand my knowledge in Avid products to be able to provide a broader service. They also use other software’s that I am aware of, which are Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

I believe that researching about this company and discovering the software’s they use will help me understand what software’s are useful for video editing and production. Although they do not offer services such as animation and 3D modelling, it still provides me with the knowledge of other necessary products that a video production company may have to acquire and services I would have to provide to be a flexible and efficient business.

  • What are the benefits of aligning yourself with them joining/ paying for membership/subscribing to newsletters/ attending networking events?

Allowing myself to join with such a company would definitely benefit my career as I would always be learning about how a video production company may be able to grow in positive ways. The knowledge and experience of a long time running company would assist me in predicting what actions I might have to consider in the future to make my business grow. Without the knowledge and experience of an expert to guide you, I don’t believe a person would be able to set up a business on their own. Maybe newsletters and attending social networking events would help broaden the connections between newcomers and experts. Taking part in certain discussions could allow a well known person to discover the potential of a future business partner or intern and help them grow.


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