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Figures – Research for Ideas

I have decided to look at some figurines because they are closer to real objects if recreated in Maya. I don’t want the toy created to look too humanoid or else it would look like a 3D animation than a real object.


Doctor Who Season 3 figures Martha Jones Doctor with Glasses


The pineapple hedgehog below is a great idea for a toy. It could be created and animated in Maya to appear as if it’s a fruit in a fruit bowl but eventually pop up and crawl out of the fruit bowl.f5d0a_fruit-animal

The cardboard Lego man is a creative way of making a material like cardboard come to life. What if this material could be used for the toy to appear photoreal and part of the environment? I could definitely imagine it and it’s a creative way of using a material that would normally be neglected.


Below is a amazon.co.jr figurine. They are very small in size and look adorable. I’d definitely like to create something similar to make it appear part of a place that it would normally not be.liking-sausage-710x473


Below is another cardboard figure. I can see it has been created in a 3D software but the texture applied is of photographs of real cardboard. If I was using the cardboard material I would use the actual material but incorporate it with my own concept art.

stock-photo--d-render-of-a-cardboard-box-figure-waving-hello-93367633 Supernova-Sales-Action-Figure-font-b-Marvel-b-font-The-Avengers-Heros-font-b-Movie-b

I really like the figurines from the Coraline film but again they look more humanoid hence their movement won’t be something for the audience to observe with as much curiosity. However what stands out for me are the head shapes and thin limbs.


Below is another image of the cardboard figure like the amazon.co.jr figurine but this time inspecting the back of a camera. This is all because of the body language because the facial expression is static.


I really like Little Big Planet figurines also but I wan to work with cardboard figurines with a twist.





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