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Teddies – Research for Ideas

Here I have been looking at some teddy bears that could also be could ideas for toys. But I cannot imagine how I would be able to make the teddy bear appear alive or in motion as if it was real. Even if I did manage to make the bear appear real, I don’t understand how it would fit the statement of intent to create photorealism by merging real scenery with the created 3D toy model. I believe that teddy bears would not look ‘real’ enough so I cannot use fur covered toys for ideas. I believe that hard surfaced toys might be a better option for me because hard surfaces such as plastic, cardboard, metal, etc. can be mimicked with effect.

853teddybear11257027246JackClassicTeddyBear 1306376-Valentine091_22520071333903-0107-Clipart-Illustrationlens17680423_1298588075bear_7 stock-illustration-9178266-teddy-bear-cartoon-character-waving stock-illustration-10051581-teddy-bear-cartoon teddies when-toys-go-bad-sandra-bauser-digital-art


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