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Toys – Research for ideas

I’ve spent time thinking and I’ve decided that I would like to recreate a toy or a figurine but add my own variation by changing some of the body parts. I’ve been searching for toys that might seem appealing. The toy I want to create can be plush, stuffed, wooden, plastic, etc.

The lion below has joints similar to robots so it would move in robotic motions.


The entire car is made out of plastic so I could create a plastic toy but I’d have to understand how to mimic a plastic material.


The toy below is an animated toy that talks. Ears, eyes and mouth are plastic. The body is made out of synthetic fur. I think the eyes and mouth must animate when talking. Such a toy might be simple to make in 3D if I learnt how to use the fur shader.

Furby-Navy-Blue-front mouldy-bath-toys

I want a challenge! Although the toy I want to create could be as simple as the robotic toy below, it will be difficult to get it to fit with the background and make it appear ‘alive’ or in motion without human body motion. I like the idea of robotic movement but with more flexibility than what the joints or length of the limbs allow the robotic toy below to do.

noddy-toys-whizz-articulated-6346-2898_zoom toy toys Toys2 wood-ladybird xmas toys

The Monster Inc. toy below is another toy that appeals to me. I would definitely need to learn how to use the fur shader to create the fur on the body. At the same time I want to find a toy that won’t be difficult to recreate so that my main focus would be to concentrate on the texture and rendering because these two elements will help my final image to look photo real.



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