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Pixelfactory.tv – Based in Huddersfield

  • Who are they?

They are a video production and motion graphics company. Pixelfactory.tv are also based locally in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. They have the software and equipment at their disposal to create and display 3D stereoscopic video as seen at the cinema and Sky 3D. They are able to film live action in stereoscopic 3D as well as create 2D and 3D animation ( the CGI variety) in the format.

  • What services do they provide?

– Motion Graphics: 2D/3D motion graphic design and animation.

– Promotional Film

– Web and Interactive: video players – image galleries – shopping carts – live news pages.

– Print Factory: [Print + Design: Digital Print, Litho Print] –  [Design + Branding (logo design)] – [Garment Printing] – [Paper + Stationary (business cards, flyers, leaflets, brochures, menus, posters and booklets)] – [Sineage + Promotion (signs, banners, standees, vinyl graphics, screen print].

  • How it’s relevant to you?

After exploring their website I have found the information they provide along with their services very informative. It makes me realise how a website can be just as important as the business. It provides insight into the services the company provides and displays a portfolio full of examples of the type of work that can be produced by the company. This is how potential clients are attracted towards the company and its services.

The services they provide are well rounded as well – most of them I am experienced in such as 2D and 3D animation, designing, filming, photo/film editing and printing. I have some experience in web design but I would need to learn more to be able to provide equal services as companies such as pixelfactory.tv.

  • What are the benefits of aligning yourself with them joining/ paying for membership/subscribing to newsletters/ attending networking events?

I think that the benefit of aligning myself with such a company would satisfactorily benefit my career as they are experienced and well established in this area. They would know exactly what they are doing to be able to be successful in this industry and I might be able to learn from them and aim towards becoming a professional. I would definitely subscribe to their blog and follow their updates. After observing their blog I have seen that they upload show reel’s of their work and list the software’s used to create the effects in the footage. They offer a lot of tipsabout what could make a company successful, like in a particular post it demonstrates “10 Ways to Make Online Video Work For You” which was helpful because it explains the important factors that online video’s include.




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