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Statement of Intent

Self Directed Brief:

The purpose of this brief will be to undertake a project that will allow a focus on 3D modelling. The project requires a final image to be produced in the end and this image will reveal a toy rendered in mental ray. The use of colours and the style of rending will be the sources that will make the final image appear realistic.

The research and skills developed in previous projects will be used to further discover how to reach photorealism through the use of lighting, shading and textures. In addition to that it is required to understand what materials are and can be used to achieve certain effects to appear truly real (e.g. metal, fur, chalk etc) as the 3D model mimics realities facts like lighting, shadows and reflections.

The problem in previous 3D modelling was the lighting and rendering of the model. The goal will be to tackle the lighting and rendering process to understand how these can make the model appear real.  Through the use of research and development, the process of 3D modelling should develop existing skills further than before. This project is inspired by the work of Benedict Campbell who combines his skills as a photographer and digital illustrator to create bold and hyper-real images. Although he combines photography and digital art most of the time, the images produced in this project can be combined with photography or can solely be created in computer software’s.

The techniques used to achieve photo-realism will be the use of different lighting, shading, textures and high quality rendering (mental ray) of the final image. A realistic material to work with for the final image is cardboard and possibly metal – the focus is to realize how cardboard and metal behave in reality and mimic that through the 3D model. This will include the use of ray tracing to simulate optical effects such as reflection, refraction and scattering.

The final image produced will be created and rendered in Maya and mental ray. The background image will be manipulated and composed through Photoshop through cutting and pasting of images collected from search engines. The 3D model and background will then be composited. The model will also be rigged to adjust to the scene surrounding it.


A final colour printed and mounted A3 image.

Stake Holders:

No stake holders.

Costs & equipments:

The costs of toys to use as reference could vary from £5-£30. If I buy a toy to photograph then I might borrow a camera from the photography room and stage the toy to photograph. Other than that I will be using Maya, mental ray, Photoshop and After Effects to produce the final outcome.



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