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Distant Future Animation Studio – Based in Shipley

  • Who are they?

Creativity: Distant Future Animation Studio specialise in 2D, 3d and stereoscopic 3D animation. They help other businesses, web designers and production companies realise their clients projects. Versatility: They make short animated films, music videos, product visualisation, medical visualisations, animated logos, and anything else clients might need. They believe that animation gives you total control to decide what will happen in the video and how. I also believe it provides a broad field to expand ones own imagination. Professionalism: Their flexibility and efficiency and the fact that they can fit quality animation into any budget is what brings customers back for more. They tailor each project to the clients needs and they allow the creative skills to mix between themselves and clients to produce individually tailored projects.

  • What services do they provide?

– Character Design & Animation – Conference and Event Graphics – Product and Medical Visualisation – Motion Graphics and Logo Animation – Stereoscopic 3D – Motion Capture – Music Videos

  • How it’s relevant to you?

Character design & animation is one of my favourite areas to work in. I’ve always liked to draw characters and create concept art too. Such projects allow me to create storyboards and character sheets that allow me to build on who the character is and its personality…already breathing them into life. To fully realise and breathe life into characters is to construct 3D models of them and animate them. For me it is the maximum way to enjoy conceptualisation of characters and this is the area I want to concentrate most in. I also enjoyed the music video projects I have taken up before. Music video projects allow me to combine 3D models, animation and visual effects to achieve maximum creativity. This company provides other production companies the services that I would like to provide in the future to other companies or clients.

  • What are the benefits of aligning yourself with them joining/ paying for membership/subscribing to newsletters/ attending networking events?

The benefits of aligning myself with this company would improve my chances of gradually improving my professionalism and gaining experience in the production industry. After researching into this company I feel that this is more of an area I would like to work in whether it is an animation studio or a video production company so working with Distant Future would definitely open up opportunities and I would learn about other animation techniques that animation studios offer in their services. The company is established by a BBC award winning animator. I think it is beneficial to know about people in the industry that are well known especially in the area I am hoping to build a career in. However they don’t offer subscription to newsletters or blogs but they do have Facebook and Twitter accounts which would make it easier to follow them and keep up to date with their projects and success. This would be the ideal way for me to learn about the company more and seek out any potential opportunities.




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