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Moodboards – Choice of Toy/Figurine – Idea Development

After collecting a variety of images I have organised them to create four separate moodboards and colour swatches. The four moodboards are made up of figurines, materials, teddies and toys.

What type of toy do you want to recreate?

I narrowed my choices down to figurines, teddie bears and toys because after researching I felt that I was most passionate about these three types objects. I have also included the materials moodboard because currently I have an idea in my head about what type of toy I want to recreate.

Why have you chosen these three types objects?

I want to achieve a realistic approach to something that would usually be considered unrealistic. I want to recreate a toy because it can be handled easily by anyone and the fact that toys are inanimate objects that have don’t have life is something I want to play with and give the appearance that it is ‘alive’ and it can function on it’s own. I want to use mental ray and shoot the toy whilst it is imitating a human motion.

What is your aim?

My aim is to make it look realistic by using real textures; use of lighting and shadows; and the positioning and animation of the toy.

Moodboard & Colour Swatch – Toys

Moodboard - Toys

Moodboard & Colour Swatch – Figurines

Moodboard - Figurines

Moodboard & Colour Swatch – Teddie Bears

Moodboard - Teddies

I have chosen to recreate the plastic figurine below…

06 liking-sausage-710x473

…Instead of using the plastic material I want to achieve a cardboard effect. I want the animated cardboard figurine to act like it is alive like in these images. I also want to slightly change some body parts of the figurine and add metal features like a metal body parts. This idea is inspired by Benedict Campbell’s work. Below I have created a materials moodboard to imitate what type of materials, joints or altered body part I might want to add. The entire body will be made out of cardboard but I want to add a metal body part. I can’t add a metal hand because the cardboard figurine does not have hands. A metal arm would be a better idea, so I can either create a metal version of the cardboard arm or replace the arm with a machine gun and I could replace the flat eye with a robotic eye. I want to represent a type of war going on between the cardboard figurine and it’s handler – like a rebellion against a figurine and humans who ‘think’ they can treat their toys/figurine any way they want without care.

Moodboard & Colour Swatch – Materials

Moodboard - Materials Swatch


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