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Digital Sets Using Mental Ray

I was researching about mental ray and what it can accomplish. I found that it can make models and sets look very realistic which is why I want to use it for my model. I imagine that a lot of people that work in interior design or even architecture could use mental ray to project a realistic environment saving on costs on actual interior design (for show purposes).

I find it very beneficial to know that such a software exists that can create realistic lighting and shadows. I think lighting and shadows are very important when it comes to presenting models and textures.

From the video I’ve learnt that raytrace shadows can be turned on to help create shadows to make the light source that is added appear as natural light. The person in the video explains a setting called V-Ray, which I’m not aware of so I found learning about the use of it through this tutorial useful. However the mental ray option used in this tutorial is in 3Ds Max when I prefer to use Maya so I will look more into mental ray in Maya. Another thing is that it is my first time using mental ray and this tutorial goes more into depth than I can handle at the moment.


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