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Project Idea: Self Directed Brief Idea

I’ve recently thought of an idea for a ‘self-directed’ project. I came across a 3D model (below)…

…and I love how it looked cartoony and stylised. It has humour and the colours used are vibrant and exciting to look at. After seeing this final outcome I clicked on a link below that image and found the original concept and I think the outcome did more than justice to the concept (below). The artist of the 3d model above has said that he/she found the sketch below on another website so this means that both works are by different people. Yet the above artist has captured the features of the character below very well.

Tentacles: I think Blinn shader must have been used on the octopus tentacle, with diffuse settings and slight reflection. Blur could be added to the reflections too to not give a glass-like impression.

Skin: The skin tone is very fare but not pale…pinkish undertones can be seen. For the skin I think a Lambert shader must have been used for a matte effect.

Garment: a Blinn shader with a high diffuse setting to add a slight sheen to the black parts of the garment. Reflection might also have been used on this for leather. I have researched it and also found that a Phong shader could be used for this with reflectivity down to 0.25, specular color to 0.65, coisine power to 9 and diffuse to 0.62 (all these setting could obviously be tweaked to achieve desired look). A bump map could also make a difference to add texture to the shader. http://forums.cgsociety.org/archive/index.php/t-173657.html

Lock and Key: I have researched and on Digital Tutors found some help. A Blinn shader can be used  with diffuse to 0.1 and reflection to 1 to achieve a chrome effect. Blur can be added on the reflections in mental ray tab. http://www.digitaltutors.com/forum/showthread.php?5147-metal-material

Hair: Seems as though it shines in the sketch below but there is no shine in the 3D model above. A Lambert shader could be used but I think a better matte effect could be achieved if the blinn shader was used with tweaks in the diffuse setting.

This is also another idea that I think could be considered. I could sketch a character myself or ask someone else to design/draw character for me to construct in Maya giving me the challenge to try and materialise someone elses imagination because it’s easier to create my own character. I would also want to animate it rather than just creating a 3D version of a sketch. This is where narrative would also be required: character sheets, storyboards, animatics etc.


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