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Research into Guns

I am researching into guns to see which one might be the appropriate replacement for the figurines cardboard limb. I want something simple due to the simplicity of the figurine.

Dalek gun is too simple but it is so deadly. I want something that looks offensive for defensive purposes but I don’t want it to give the impression that it’s too deadly. After all my character is meant to be a small figurine that is trying to fight back. I don’t think it’s gun arm could pose a deadly threat.

A gun similar to Rose McGowan’s gun leg in Planet Terror. I don’t know how I will alter it to fit as a limb and it also looks very detailed. I don’t want the audience to just focus on the gun limb. I want the audience to focus on the character as a whole who’s every body part is as interesting as the rest of him.

Here are a series of guns that could be modelled. So far I like no. 5, no. 11 and no. 20. I think no. 20 is a mini-gun and I’ve played games like Timesplitters: Future Perfect (2005), which is a great game to play and I loved using the mini-gun because of it’s multiple shooting function. Other guns like machine guns do that too but I think mini-guns operate better and look better. I will look into mini-guns more.

This mini-gun front end looks simple enough to match the figurines simplicity. I think the back end is not necessary to recreate as the figurine would be able to operate his arm at will rather than a manual trigger. I will need to develop a joint that would allow the mini-gun as well as the other limbs to be joint to the rest of the body in a practical way that would allow flexible joint movement.

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that a mini-gun would best suit my character as he would need a continuously shooting gun to protect himself because he is a little figurine. I will have to alter the design a little to suit the character appropriately.


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