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Reference Material

Reference Materials

I have acquired images to use as references. I think they would be helpful when constructing the toy’s/figurine body parts and some of the images below may help with texturing similar materials in Maya. I will try and guess what possible effects could be used to reach these realistic effects.

Image 1:





>Specular Colour



I found a video on YouTube that explains how to achieve the effect above.

The image below looks as real as it would be seen in reality but I’m not sure whether the spheres in the image are real or made in 3D. If they were made in 3D then this is some serious compositing going on! If they are real I don’t know how it was possible to make them look this realistic. It’s impressive. I have kept this as a reference image to look back at in case I want to create a part of the toy/figurine that is spherical.


The camera below is constructed out of cardboard. It is an odd concept because cardboard is not reliable…or is it?


There are a lot of things made out of cardboard these days that contradict the accusation that cardboard is not a reliable material…

Battle of the chairs, Cardboardchair.com, corregated cardboard side chair, Frank Gehry, Wiggle Chair, Corregated cardboard chair, cardboard furniture collection, Vitra collection, Moss, Gehry

Cardboard can be a resourceful material as long as it is constructed well to reinforce its strength because it’s not strong enough to hold heavy weight. It’s a material not used often for purposes such as sitting down, relaxing on or any other luxury items. Cardboard material is most often seen as a way to package products but I think that the video above proves that it can be a much more resourceful material if constructed properly. I think I can use such a material to construct a robot toy/figurine and this can be a twist for my character – to be strong even if it is made out of cardboard. The camera above is such an item, I think it’s not a functional camera, rather made for show. It’s not something you see everyday that’s why it’s exciting to look at.

The image below shows how to join an end of a horizontal pole to a vertical pole. I’m looking at the way the three poles join when they meet – this would be helpful when I need to join the shoulders of the arms (and joints of the legs) to the body.


Below is an image I think of the metal skeleton hand and half the arm of the cyborg from the film Terminator. I think this image below demonstrates how the metal material should behave. The structure helps me understand how the joints of my toy/figurine should be constructed so that each body parts movement is smooth.


The next image below shows me how other metal material might look. I won’t be using this image as a reference but it does show me the possibility of other types of joints and material.


Below is the cyborg’s eye from the film Terminator. I definitely think my toy/figurine should a cyborg look to it – part cardboard and part metal..it’s an unusual combination of materials but that is what will make it look more interesting. I want the toy/figurine to look realistic so I want to use materials that we see in daily life. The behaviour of the metal parts is what will help bring my toy/figurine to life; after I design my toy/figurine in Photoshop and construct it in Maya, I will research further to see what techniques are necessary to make the cardboard and metal parts behave realistically.


The image below shows a minigun that I think will also assist my character to further look real. Instead of two arms it could have a metal body part such as a minigun instead of an arm. This would further help me realise photorealism because although it will be a toy/figurine made with the most unusual materials in combination, it will also exist as a reality on its own.


Another image below to help me picture how joints can look like.



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