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Idea Development – Mini-gun Arm, Joints and Metal Laser Eye

I have arranged the images that I thought would suit the development of the metal gun arm, joints and the metal eye. I thought that having a laser eye would make the cardboard figurine look more serious and something to be afraid of, seeing as the figurine is rebelling against it’s human owners. So I have created two forms of eyes – the ‘eye toned’ demonstrates the metal material and the creases created to replicate a similar effect to the metal eye reference; the front and side metal eyes demonstrate the type of colour I might want. I’ve also added the laser glow to see how it might look with and without. The gun arm I’ve just simply drawn a 2D version of the front and side because it can be seen how it might look in the reference of the mini-gun. The joint of the mini-gun arm is the same as the other cardboard arm and legs so I didn’t replicate. Now I will try and draw my concept of the character.

Idea development


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