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Character Sheet

Character Sheet


Name: Aloisius (Variant spelling of Latin Aloysius, meaning “famous warrior” also known as ‘Al’
Physical Description
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 7inch (17cm 8mm)
  • Body made out of light brown cardboard (except metal arm and metal laser eye after surgery)
  • Detachable body parts (for different occasions)
  • Right eye and mouth are flat grey/brown surfaces
  • Mini-gun left arm
  • Metal left eye with laser iris
  • Although no eyebrows, brow muscles can move to show emotions
  • Battle scars on the head are visible
  • Top half of the head is a rusty metal
Character Traits
  • Freedom Fighter: One of the many toys and figurines fighting for the survival of their race against becoming enslaved toys for petty humans
  • Lost memory in a past battle against humans but still courageous and won’t leave a soldier behind
  • Fast and agile
  • Changed appearance due to battle reasons

-Replaced left cardboard arm with a mini-gun arm

-Replaced left eye with a metal eye that can scan areas for weapons and shoot laser beams at targets

  • Injury to head caused the cardboard flesh to rip and expose skeleton – metal frame drilled onto the top half of the head to hide exposed skeleton
Character Background
Family Background Habits/Vices
  • Unknown due to memory loss.
  • It is rumoured that Al has been around for hundreds of years defending his race against being kidnapped by humans.
  • It is also rumoured that he might come from a family of warriors.






  • Punctuality
  • Very organised
  • Over protective
  • Neat freak
  • Keeping himself to himself
  • Oiling mental joints and metal body parts to keep from rusting
Education Personality
Unknown as to what education Al received before losing his memory. It is clear he has army skills and has been trained to protect his people.
  • Serious
  • Strict
  • No emotional attachment
  • Does not know how to smile or have fun
Likes Dislikes
  • The outdoors
  • Camping
  • Cooking
  • Buffing the metal on his mini-gun arm
  • Building things
  • Humans (past experiences)
  • Hypocrites
  • Traitors
  • Getting wet or wet food (makes cardboard soggy)
  • Smoking (Makes cardboard coarse)
  • Drinking (flammable and wet)
  • Big flames
What is their goal? Their plan to achieve goal
  • Stay focused and true to the mission
  • To protect toys and figurines from being enslaved
  • Rescue toys or figurines taken by humans
  • Defence: barricade colonies and only access route would be underground tubes with openings only in colony areas
  • Defence & Offence: surround the outer parts of the colonies with mines
  • Offence: Build nuclear bombs for war



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