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UV Maps and Alterations

Here I have uploaded 4 UV maps that are similar. The only difference is I added a few more edges to the torso and more edges on the face and the back of the head in the hope of creating a 3D rip effect on the mesh. I have decided to paint the rip effect on the UV map textures instead because I think this will look better when animating the face and the added edges will assist me in creating facial expressions on the figurine.

UV map: Attempt 1 (Simplified)


UV map: Attempt 2 – (Warped Eyes) The texture gets warped and became deformed when it was applied to this UV map below.


UV map: Attempt 3 – (More Edges Added With Edge Loop Tool).


UV map: Attempt 4 – (Finalised) Edges were added to the torso to help make it flexible when animated.



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