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Choice of Final Piece

After producing the first image I felt that the image looked very flat and not 3D enough to look real. So I chose to submit the second image as my final image as it achieved the dramatic pose and effect I wanted.


First Image – I rendered the character and pasted it onto the final image but this looked very flat so I tried a different approach.

Aloisius Walking Through a Sunset



Second Image: During this attempt I applied the final image onto an image plane and adjusted the background to capture the correct shot. This felt like I was being more creative because I could see which way the shadow of my character should cast. Hence I placed an ambient light behind my character and adjusted the ambience according to the amount of light I thought would shine from a setting sun. I also added a tint to give it the orangey-yellow glow. This shot below looked like the character had popped out of the image as well which I really liked. As an improvement I could have used the image to look like it was part of a book. The image could have appeared on a page that Aloisius turned, or the image could have appeared in an open book that Aloisius was walking or running over. I think then the pop-up effect would work it’s best. I’m still happy with this final image.

9 Cardboard Figure FINAL Mental Ray


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