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OUDF101 – Visual Language

The Photographs From The Museums

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Documenting My Visits To The Museum


Making characters more realistic

During my research on character development, I came across this article which I found quite informative and could be useful in the near future.

Here is an abstract:

“The central character may or may not be the protagonist, or the antagonist for that matter. The central character is the character the reader follows and cares for throughout the story. In the movie Terminator 2 the cyborg played by Arnold Schwarzenegger is the protagonist, but John and Sarah Connor were the main characters.”

Character and Illustration Development

I found the tutorials on this website very useful when I was drawing my character. It shows the process in drawing an anime character starting by outlining the structure of the character’s torso, as shown below.

The process continues until the character is fully developed as shown below.







My character in development

Here is my character in development




Process and archetype research

TV Tropes website

The TV Tropes website is a very informative yet informal source as it contains information on various topics such as charecterisation, characters, dialog, plot and more.

I particularly found the information on each type of character very useful as it describes all the characteristics of each. This is helpful because if for example I wanted to create an anime character similar to an existing character, I could research what attributes I could use and I could base a character on similar characteristics from the details listed.

Michael Sporn Animation

I found the Michael Sporn Animation website somewhat useful in terms of animation techniques and it assisted me on developing a technique to drawing an animated character.

Computer Arts

A very good website for any artist or art enthusiast, it has tutorials on creative techniques, a gallery of art from various artists, news and reviews which is very helpful.


This is an excellent website for artists, an environment where artists can share their art and comment and other rate other artist’s work. Through a website like this, artists can collaborate and share tips etc.

Concept Art World

The Concept Art World website presents the work of some talented artists and illustrators, it is very inspiring just looking at the some of their concept art.

Camera Techniques and Tutorials

There are many camera techniques that can be used to achieve a certain appearance on a photo.

I have found some of these tutorials very useful as it covers many different settings such as Aperture, Shutter Priority Mode, Histograms, Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB) and more tips.


This website was very useful for information on taking photos outdoors where there is a lot of exposure to sunlight.

Here the sun is in front of the children.


This picture was taken at the same time, the only difference is that the sun is behind them

Backlit portrait in strong sunlight

Composition & Camera Angles

I found this video tutorial very informative in terms of composition and camera angles.



Photography Techniques

Black and White Photos

There was a time where all photography was black-and-white (also known as monochrome). However, because it was the cheaper option and it had an original photographic appearance, it was  being used for some time even when color film had emerged. (Source: Liz Wells. Photography. A Critical Introduction, 2004)

Here is a great example of black and white photography by Sally Mann, the photo featuring a girl with a cigarette shows a story, both emotional and beautiful.



Full-Spectrum Photography

Full-spectrum film captures visible and near infrared light, commonly referred to as the VNIR. The image below was taken at dawn at Zabriskie Point, Death Valley N.P. by Jim Chen.

Canon XS full spectrum images

Motion Blur

Motion blur is a great photography technique to capture any movement in a scene, an example is shown below with the movement of a train.

Wooden Bridge in 45 Beautiful Motion Blur Photos


Macro Photography

Macro photography is the technique of taking close-up pictures that reveal details which often can’t be seen with the naked eye.M7 in 25 Beautiful Macro Photography Shots