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Image Collection for Final Image

The image below have been collected and will be used to create the final image by using the copy, cut and paste technique. I want the image to look real but I will ad effects to bring a surreal effect to it too. I want the final image to look like a sunset for a dramatic effect.

tree4 sunset-beautiful-beauty-blue-clouds-colorful-colors-field-fields-grass-green-lovely-nature sun_and_sky_34 black_flying_birds_by_jassy2012-d5bs80m birds_two____png_stock_by_selunia-d4ymhu1 birds b_autumn-sunset 394334_trava_koryaga_vetki_solnce_zakat_nebo_1680x1050_(www.GdeFon.ru) 8-Free-Clipart-Of-7-Tree-Silhouettes 1-Bright-Green-Grass-Material-Textures-Thumb01


Source Images and UV Textures

Source Images Firstly I have gathered materials to be used as source images when creating the texture for the UV mapping of the cardboard figurine. The image below I considered using as a texture for the figurine but there are too many imperfections like creasing and discolouring. If I was to produce a seamless texture using the image below it would look unusually repetitive. So I chose to move on and find another cardboard texture that would produce a ‘seamless’ seamless texture without the unusual repetition.


The image below I found whilst searching for a flawless seamless texture. It has worked well when I duplicated it in Photoshop to create a seamless texture. I mainly chose the texture below for the graininess. At first I applied it to the entire UV map at 50% over the other textures. I found that this applied the desired effect I wanted on some UV’s more than others so I split the texture into two partitions – partition 1: cardboard body = 50% opacity; partition 2: metal texture on the head, the gun arm and metal joints = 10% opacity.


The texture below I replicated and made a seamless texture and it was the base for the cardboard texture. I applied this texture only on the UV for the cardboard body. At first I used the above texture as the base at 50% as I painted another base layer in Photoshop and applied the texture below on top in the soft light mode at 80% opacity to only apply a soft cardboard lines texture rather than the colour. I felt that this did not look realistic and looked very cartoony…and I think that was due to the layer I painted underneath. I had to remove the painted layer and work with the photo images of cardboard textures to make the cardboard figure look realistic. I kept the painted layer for the gun because I thought that stayed true to the colour I desired for the metal material. I changed the grainy texture for partition 1 to 100% and left partition 2 unaltered. This provided me with a realistic cardboard base and allowed me to changed the line texture to 30% from 50%.


I used the image below as a reference when painting the outline of ripped texture on the face of the cardboard figurine. Other than that I didn’t use this texture for any parts of the UV map.


The image below is for the bump mapping but it didn’t seem to work well when added as a bump map. It either looked flat and had no effect or it affected the cardboard texture by creating unusual bumps that cardboards don not have. Hence I did not use this at all.

Tileable metal scratch rust texture (17)

Below are 3 UV textures I’ve tried and the third one is the one that works best to make my figurine look the most realistic through the use of texture. I’ve also taken screen grabs of the layers in Photoshop and labelled them as they’ve been altered.

UV Texture: Attempt 1


crdbx 1

UV Texture: Attempt 2


crdbx 2

UV Texture: Attempt 3/4


crdbx 3-4

UV Maps and Alterations

Here I have uploaded 4 UV maps that are similar. The only difference is I added a few more edges to the torso and more edges on the face and the back of the head in the hope of creating a 3D rip effect on the mesh. I have decided to paint the rip effect on the UV map textures instead because I think this will look better when animating the face and the added edges will assist me in creating facial expressions on the figurine.

UV map: Attempt 1 (Simplified)


UV map: Attempt 2 – (Warped Eyes) The texture gets warped and became deformed when it was applied to this UV map below.


UV map: Attempt 3 – (More Edges Added With Edge Loop Tool).


UV map: Attempt 4 – (Finalised) Edges were added to the torso to help make it flexible when animated.





Now I will take Aloisius into Maya and build him. Hopefully he won’t be too complicated to build so that I can focus more on the rendering.


Character Sheet

Character Sheet


Name: Aloisius (Variant spelling of Latin Aloysius, meaning “famous warrior” also known as ‘Al’
Physical Description
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 7inch (17cm 8mm)
  • Body made out of light brown cardboard (except metal arm and metal laser eye after surgery)
  • Detachable body parts (for different occasions)
  • Right eye and mouth are flat grey/brown surfaces
  • Mini-gun left arm
  • Metal left eye with laser iris
  • Although no eyebrows, brow muscles can move to show emotions
  • Battle scars on the head are visible
  • Top half of the head is a rusty metal
Character Traits
  • Freedom Fighter: One of the many toys and figurines fighting for the survival of their race against becoming enslaved toys for petty humans
  • Lost memory in a past battle against humans but still courageous and won’t leave a soldier behind
  • Fast and agile
  • Changed appearance due to battle reasons

-Replaced left cardboard arm with a mini-gun arm

-Replaced left eye with a metal eye that can scan areas for weapons and shoot laser beams at targets

  • Injury to head caused the cardboard flesh to rip and expose skeleton – metal frame drilled onto the top half of the head to hide exposed skeleton
Character Background
Family Background Habits/Vices
  • Unknown due to memory loss.
  • It is rumoured that Al has been around for hundreds of years defending his race against being kidnapped by humans.
  • It is also rumoured that he might come from a family of warriors.






  • Punctuality
  • Very organised
  • Over protective
  • Neat freak
  • Keeping himself to himself
  • Oiling mental joints and metal body parts to keep from rusting
Education Personality
Unknown as to what education Al received before losing his memory. It is clear he has army skills and has been trained to protect his people.
  • Serious
  • Strict
  • No emotional attachment
  • Does not know how to smile or have fun
Likes Dislikes
  • The outdoors
  • Camping
  • Cooking
  • Buffing the metal on his mini-gun arm
  • Building things
  • Humans (past experiences)
  • Hypocrites
  • Traitors
  • Getting wet or wet food (makes cardboard soggy)
  • Smoking (Makes cardboard coarse)
  • Drinking (flammable and wet)
  • Big flames
What is their goal? Their plan to achieve goal
  • Stay focused and true to the mission
  • To protect toys and figurines from being enslaved
  • Rescue toys or figurines taken by humans
  • Defence: barricade colonies and only access route would be underground tubes with openings only in colony areas
  • Defence & Offence: surround the outer parts of the colonies with mines
  • Offence: Build nuclear bombs for war


Concepts & Character Turnaround

I have uploaded the concepts that I have come up with. At first we see a simple replicated design of the cardboard figurine and then we see the process through each upload.

1. Initial Concept

1. Cardboard Figure Original Concepts 1

2. Final Concept

1. Cardboard Figure Original Concepts 2

3. Colour swatch test

2. Cardboard Figurine Colour & Texture Test

4. Colour swatch test for the altered design3. Concept - Figurine Changed Texture & Colour Test

5. Colour swatch test for the final design4. Concept - Figurine Changed Texture & Colour Test - Metal

6. Character Turnaround5. Cardboard Figure Turn Around

I am pleased with the end design and now I want to take this into Maya and create my chosen figurine. I will now move on to create the character sheet and also post the storyboard.

Idea Development – Mini-gun Arm, Joints and Metal Laser Eye

I have arranged the images that I thought would suit the development of the metal gun arm, joints and the metal eye. I thought that having a laser eye would make the cardboard figurine look more serious and something to be afraid of, seeing as the figurine is rebelling against it’s human owners. So I have created two forms of eyes – the ‘eye toned’ demonstrates the metal material and the creases created to replicate a similar effect to the metal eye reference; the front and side metal eyes demonstrate the type of colour I might want. I’ve also added the laser glow to see how it might look with and without. The gun arm I’ve just simply drawn a 2D version of the front and side because it can be seen how it might look in the reference of the mini-gun. The joint of the mini-gun arm is the same as the other cardboard arm and legs so I didn’t replicate. Now I will try and draw my concept of the character.

Idea development