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Screen Grabs of The Fort and the Pirate Ship

These are screen grabs of the fort and the pirates when they were being developed. The pirate ship was poorly constructed and had to be rebuilt. It wasn’t developed from concept art, it was sort of developed as Inonge was building the fort. Inonge realised that there wasn’t much to work on within the pirate ship, it basically didn’t have easy access from one room to the other. It didn’t resemble the pirate ship we intended it to look like, but the finalised pirate ship looks much more devious and dark, just like a pirate ship should look like. But we were pleased with the result of the fort because it was created very closely to the steampunk brief. We also achieved the whimsical theme we wanted, similar to Kingdom Heart.


Screen Shots of My Work

Screen shots that show the process of my work.

Seemless Textures

Texture found on websites on google and have been made into seemless textures.


This moodboard shows that there is a strong modernised Victorian style of clothing. A lot of net and lace, corsets, tight jackets and lots of frills. These images have given me ideas about what sort of designs my clothing designs should have.

The weapons in this moodboard demonstrates how different steampunk weapons should appear.

Concept – Capsules

I originally suggested the capsule would be the time machine like a transporter from one part of the ship to another but Inonge suggested it should be placed in the engine room of the pirate ship. I think it is a good idea because it looks very machine-like. I have used 3 base colours for the palette, crimson, silver and brass because this palette is usually used in steampunk. I then experimented by switching colours of certain things around, I personally prefered the whole thing being one colour but I think for the fort the combination of colours would look cheerful.

It was a  shame that the capsules hadn’t been made to put in the ship because we were short on time as Charlie is absent. but I have take screen shots to demonstrate the process of me having a go at creating it in Second Life.


Due to short time the capsule wasn’t complete and will not be in the

Templates For Second Life Clothing

I have included all the templates Inonge and I have used to create the clothing for the avatars. Extensions of the clothes have to be made in Second Life though, for example the heels of the shoes will have to be made in second life when the clothing design is uploaded. Basically I thought the templates were the clothes but Inonge revealed that clothing that is not hugging the body can be altered in Second Life to spread away from the body.

Manga Quest – Join The Adventure And Learn How to Draw It

I find drawing hands and fingers difficult which is why I’ve scanned in a page showing me how to draw hands in various positions. I’ve included the front and back page for reference.