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MR X Inc.


I was watching Twilight Breaking Dawn and in the end credits I noticed the company that did the visual effects and decided to do a little research on them. Mr X Inc. is the company that have produced the effects in many popular films such as Tron, The Three Musketeers, Resident Evil and Death Race to name a few. Their website has several videos that showcase their work. The show reel demonstrates what special effects have been added in films and where. Such effects like VFX Composite, CG: environment, actors, airplanes, thrones, rocket, smoke, explosion, crows, sunglasses, body parts etc.

It is inspiring to see how scenes are developed in stages and layers, as shown in the ‘Assault on Precinct 13’ scene. The video also clearly shows how CG can look realistic and VFX composites can make the scene appear as if it has been shot in such conditions; and effects like face replacements would not even be noticeable by the viewers. There are other video reels that are in the links above the show reel video. I like how the video reel ‘The Three Musketeers – Making Of’ shows the scenes that are made with the use of CG and VFX composites in the film.


The Textures For The Inside OF The UFO

I had to create these textures for the inside of the spaceship in a rush. I didn’t have enough time so I colour picked some of the colours and designed the basic interior of the UFO. I’m still happy with it considering I created all these in an hour. I love the TARDIS so this is sort of an accomplishment for me. I used the image below as reference.

The Inside Of The UFO

The inside of the UFO had to be simple due to the amount of time I had but I am happy with it. I animated the beam poll in the middle to rotate so that it looks better. It is inspired by the inside of the TARDIS inDoctor Who. I would have loved to create exterior of the TARDIS as well. Maybe in my spare time.

Alternative Endings To Invasion

Alternatively I would have zapped Lauren into the spaceship and then struck her with lightening like in this Videocopilot Lightening Strike tutorial. Unfortunately then there would not be a need for her to be zapped into the spaceship in the first place but the storyboard requires the camerawoman to be zapped into the spaceship. Another idea could have been that the aliens might want to zap her to tear apart her body to use for spare parts as its’s an organic chip with organic parts. Hmmm if I get enough time after the rest of the modules then I will try and definitely make the film better.

Post Production – Disappointment

A major disappointment in this module was I didn’t get enough time to create the best visual effects I in After Effects. Such a disappointment. I hate the fact that I did not give myself enough time for the visual effects. If I could I would have used Trapcode to turn Lauren into particals and suck her into the spaceship. Also another thing that I could have done is I could have found some sounds or created sounds for when Lauren is teleported but at least each time she was zapped I created some smokey blast effect using clips from Action Essentials 2. I didn’t get a chance to add the film title either but if I had done I would have shown off the skills I have in After Effects. I’m not satisfied with the outcome of the film but I suppose it will have to do as I needed to get the basics done. I have researched many films and tutorials for visual effects and would have definitely done something that would have looked much more convincing. I am terribly disappointed with it, however I am glad that I got it all done considering my unavoidable absence.

UV Map Problem

Just at the last minute, all the UV map of my alien have disappeared except for the face UV. I have to keep all three aliens the same colour now because I can’t redo the UV Maps because it will take longer than I have left. This is very frustrating, I guess its one more thing that’s one more thing that is frustrating about Maya.

Rough Sketches

Here are some rough sketches of the aliens I thought of in the beginning and alternatives to the current alien I have created.