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Useful Books

Flaxman, T. (2007) Maya Character Modeling & Animation Principles and Practices, Boston, Carles River Media.

Chapter 6/7: Modeling A Biped Character/Rigging A Biped Character was useful for knowing how to build the character and build the skeleton, attaching controls and rigging the character to function its animation. The rest of the book does explain how to animate but I didn’t have time to go into that.

Kelby, S. (2006) After Effects & Photoshop, Indianpolis, Wiley Publishing Inc.

I would have to read the whole book to understand how After Effects works instead of reading a section or a chapter. Although I know the basics of After Effects I’m not as fluent with it as I am with other software’s. I will need to practice with After Effects on more projects to get used to it better.

Harrington, R. (2006) After Effects @ Work, San Francisco, CMP Books.

This book explores basic skills and how they can be advanced. If there’s an After Effects book that might be useful in the future then this is one of them.

Ahearn, L. (2009) 3D Game Textures Create Professional Game Art Using Photoshop, Burlington, Elsevier.

This is the book I would have used, had I got the chance to texture and use any of the models I had in mind or made.

Autodesk. (2007) AutoCAD Secrets Every User Should Know, Indianpolis, Wiley Publishing Inc.

This is the book I borrowed from the library to brush up on any CAD skills I’m not used to. I need to get into using more software’s to practice other computer aided designs that I’m not used to.

Keller, E. (2007)Maya Visual Effects: The Innovator’s Guide, Indianpolis, Wiley Publishing Inc.

I didn’t get to use this book but I had a good skim through it and it definitely goes through step by step guides of how to create visual effects through Maya. Definitely a more detailed book and I will have to go through this properly so that I can benefit more from it.


Screen Grabs of Final Music Video

It wasn’t very complicated to make this video, except the fact that I had to deal with constant messing up of the sliding of the typography. I like typography a lot so I will make more video’s probably quoting speeches or a song. The following video will demonstrate what I mean.

I believe that videos like this are simple but creative and that’s where the magic is…finding creativity in simplicity. I know that timing is very important is videos like this because that is what I found myself following – whether the audio matches the typography. I believe that abstract products should include a lot of colours but for my video the title required yellow to stand out and yellow stands out a lot in black and white. Some may say my final product is not abstract but I believe it is because I have included elements like camera wiggle (that wiggles at random) and being random is being abstract. The type of font used was because I wanted to be as close to the graffiti looks as possible but could not find any that would suit the video as much as Bleeding Cowboys font did. The fact that the font goes well with the grunge paper textured floor is a well matched combination. For the title sequence of the video I initially had three glowing yellow lights but thought they looked boring so I tuned the colour up on one and down on the other – resulting in an orange and green lights. It definitely looked better with different colours and not having to go far from the colour yellow.

Youtube Inspirations

The special thing about this video is that it has the quality of 2D imaging and presented with 3D qualities. There are animations of the streaks of paint, animation of the paint.

The video below is created out of lights and very simple but not as interesting to watch personally.

Wow I love how the lights assemble, create a 3D city and when the camera pans around the city it looks like the 3D imagery in crystal ornaments. The lights then disperse and reassemble with car lights passing the city. It look beautiful because I like cityscapes and I wonder how this video’s done.

The next video is made out of abstract 3D lines animated in After Effects. Its continuous and starts to look boring at a point but the video is not that long.

I’ve done something like the next video. It is creative but I did not want to redo the same animation again.

I like the idea of multiple colours used on smoke because smoke is usually not any colour other than grey or off white. There is something about seeing an idea manipulated into looking mo real than the real thing.

I would definitely try something like this in the future. It’s bright and bold and attractive. It would be great to create a title sequence with this sort of animation.

Trapcode Particular is great for a lot of visual effects animation especially for effects in the video below. It is definitely abstract…

I want to use Trapcode Particular more often so that I can take full advantage of how it can be used to create various types of animations, whether combined with other effects or not.

Artificial Paradise is a strange concept but so creative. I love watching it again and again because the animations look fluent and realistic. The part I like is at 1.15 when the giant cube disassembles through small cubes and decreases in size. I think this might be abstract but I’m not sure. It feels absent but still interesting to watch.

Here are a couple more videos I liked simply because of the colour or the effect used.

I want to practice using cinema 4D to use in the future.

Andrew Thomas Huang – Music Videos

The amazing thing about these music videos are the fact that they are random in what they do and this makes them abstract. http://www.andrewthomashuang.com/MusicVideos.htm

The first videos is very colourful and I like the fact that as they move and whatever they touch they leave a trace of plant like forms growing. In the end the plants, grows around them and covers them. These plants include rainbow-like colours making the video very cheerful. I don’t like the song however.


I really like the absent feeling in this second music video (below). It’s again random at what is happening. The thing in common is that the people in the video are covered in white and there are strange abstract shapes growing on their bodies and moving around synchronizing with the music. I love the glass crystal/bubbles moving on one of the men’s back and the cube/square shapes moving and also scaling up and down to the beat as they move.

If I could do the module again what would I improve?



If I could do the module again what would I improve? After seeing this short film I would definitely like to create a short film using 3D models and animations. In this video I get the message that we the audience are like the mechanical doll in this video trying to achieve what is impossible by trying to replicate what we see on television to improve ourselves. We are all beautiful naturally yet the media portrays perfection using make-up and wealth (expensive clothing, cars and big houses). Eventually I want to create a video like this that has a good message or portrays the consequences of the bad in the world. The work of Andrew Huang is amazing though!!!

Graffiti Music Videos

These music videos are amazing because I like graffiti and dancing. I think the beats of the music, the art in the video and the mixture of the black and white footage’s make the video blend in with real life. I think using real life footage and then visual effects creates a different feel and drama than what a real life footage without visual effects will look like. I am inspired with this type of work and would have definitely liked to add graffiti and this type of camera movement to my music video.



I wonder how the following video was made…maybe a 3D simulation of the laces…


BANKS seems to be really good at putting together graffiti and visual effects. The last video of the lace spelling out BANKS and the camera following the end of the lace as it moves is really clever. The viewer will just carry on watching without expecting some result in the end because it looks creative throughout the video. The bonus part is the ending when the random patterns are actually the lace spelling out BANKS.

After Effect – Expressions

I have used wiggle expression (camera position) on the video to add a little more life to the video. The video didn’t look as appealing without the expression so it helped the video to look more lively.

Usual wiggle expression looks like…


But for it to start or/and stop at a specific time then it looks like…

timeToStart = 2;
timeToStop = 4;

if ((time > timeToStart) && (time

…which is what I’ve used. I did not need it to stop at a specific time, I just needed it to start wiggling randomly from 9 seconds and it worked.

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