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Rockstar Games


Rockstar sounds like a great place to find an internships at. I will contact them and find out if they have any work placements or internships available and if not then I might also ask them if they can allow a visit so that I can see how the industry works and how the employees work with each other. Their work is honestly great because I’ve played grand theft auto and really like how the game allows you to do what you like. My brothers are definitely hooked.

Official Box Art

I really like racing car games like Midnight Club, which are amongst those that I really enjoy playing because it creates competition between players and also helps people meet online, which forms bridges between cultures and communities.

Official Box Art


BF3 Tournament – Now Recruiting Teams!


Its great how people are passionate about gaming and that they can go to tournaments like this and compete against each other.

i45 - BF3 TCM vs Sabre

This is a great way to meet professionals and compete against them. It’s ideal to get noticed this way if you are passionate about the games industry. It will get you recognised if you have serious gaming skills and turn out to be great at the game. Another plus side to this is winning a prize at the end.

Independant Games Festival


In 2012 they hosted student showcase winners and presented prestigious awards. They also celebrate the brightest and most innovative creations.

This year they took nearly 300 game entries across all platforms (PC, console and mobiles).

I could try and enter such competitions and whether I win or not I could also add it to my CV.



3D Designs In Cars


Above is a website that gives tutorials on car body designs. The tutorials make the models look real, especially in adverts. A lot of 3D car adverts that I saw before knowing about 3D animation or 3D modelling softwares, I wouldn’t think that they were anything other than real but I’d also wonder how they’d create it like that. Now knowing about 3D modelling softwares and having experience in making 3D models I can tell the difference now. Below are a few adverts that I think stand out a lot because of the looks they give and entice customers to buy such cars (due to the illusion that the advert creates of what this car in particular can do).

3d Audi – Car Animation Video

Cobra Venom V8 concept – 3D car animation showcase – Norma Movies

DEVOLUTION – new SHC concept car – 3D design animation trailer


Above link shows how popular an automotive 3d design engineer’s job is but some jobs for graduate’s requires at least a years industries experience. This is a problem and after Level 6 I’d have to apply for a placement or an internship to gain this experience.

3D Modelling, Softwares and Dissertation

3D modelling is a very exciting career path and I’m very interested in taking up 3D modelling jobs.

3D modelling can be used for many types of purposes.. a few of them being animation, film, games, interactive design, automotive designs, etc.

Softwares that I’m aware of that create 3D models are  Maya, Mudbox, ZBrush, 3ds Max and Cinema 4D. So far I have worked with Maya and 3ds Max and in the summer of 2012 I want to practice using other 3D softwares like Cinema 4D, Mudbox and ZBrush. If I hopefully progress onto Level 6 of DFGA then I want to focus my Dissertation on 3D Modelling. Because 3D modelling can be associated with any media I am struggling to come up with a title for my Dissertation but the aim is to focus on 3D modelling.




3ds Max

Cinema 4D

PowerPoint Presentation – Creative Practice

ANJU – My Journey Through Level 5

Pocket Studio

I definitely like the work that Pocket Studio produce. That is the type of work I would definitely like to get into because it involves create 3D models as well as using softwares like Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects to edit the end product. I like creating things out of the ordinary that’s why I would definitely try getting noticed by these types of companies first and if unsuccessful then any other types of 3D modelling would suffice. I just love 3D modelling.


character designs