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Distant Future Animation Studio – Based in Shipley

  • Who are they?

Creativity: Distant Future Animation Studio specialise in 2D, 3d and stereoscopic 3D animation. They help other businesses, web designers and production companies realise their clients projects. Versatility: They make short animated films, music videos, product visualisation, medical visualisations, animated logos, and anything else clients might need. They believe that animation gives you total control to decide what will happen in the video and how. I also believe it provides a broad field to expand ones own imagination. Professionalism: Their flexibility and efficiency and the fact that they can fit quality animation into any budget is what brings customers back for more. They tailor each project to the clients needs and they allow the creative skills to mix between themselves and clients to produce individually tailored projects.

  • What services do they provide?

– Character Design & Animation – Conference and Event Graphics – Product and Medical Visualisation – Motion Graphics and Logo Animation – Stereoscopic 3D – Motion Capture – Music Videos

  • How it’s relevant to you?

Character design & animation is one of my favourite areas to work in. I’ve always liked to draw characters and create concept art too. Such projects allow me to create storyboards and character sheets that allow me to build on who the character is and its personality…already breathing them into life. To fully realise and breathe life into characters is to construct 3D models of them and animate them. For me it is the maximum way to enjoy conceptualisation of characters and this is the area I want to concentrate most in. I also enjoyed the music video projects I have taken up before. Music video projects allow me to combine 3D models, animation and visual effects to achieve maximum creativity. This company provides other production companies the services that I would like to provide in the future to other companies or clients.

  • What are the benefits of aligning yourself with them joining/ paying for membership/subscribing to newsletters/ attending networking events?

The benefits of aligning myself with this company would improve my chances of gradually improving my professionalism and gaining experience in the production industry. After researching into this company I feel that this is more of an area I would like to work in whether it is an animation studio or a video production company so working with Distant Future would definitely open up opportunities and I would learn about other animation techniques that animation studios offer in their services. The company is established by a BBC award winning animator. I think it is beneficial to know about people in the industry that are well known especially in the area I am hoping to build a career in. However they don’t offer subscription to newsletters or blogs but they do have Facebook and Twitter accounts which would make it easier to follow them and keep up to date with their projects and success. This would be the ideal way for me to learn about the company more and seek out any potential opportunities.




Pixelfactory.tv – Based in Huddersfield

  • Who are they?

They are a video production and motion graphics company. Pixelfactory.tv are also based locally in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. They have the software and equipment at their disposal to create and display 3D stereoscopic video as seen at the cinema and Sky 3D. They are able to film live action in stereoscopic 3D as well as create 2D and 3D animation ( the CGI variety) in the format.

  • What services do they provide?

– Motion Graphics: 2D/3D motion graphic design and animation.

– Promotional Film

– Web and Interactive: video players – image galleries – shopping carts – live news pages.

– Print Factory: [Print + Design: Digital Print, Litho Print] –  [Design + Branding (logo design)] – [Garment Printing] – [Paper + Stationary (business cards, flyers, leaflets, brochures, menus, posters and booklets)] – [Sineage + Promotion (signs, banners, standees, vinyl graphics, screen print].

  • How it’s relevant to you?

After exploring their website I have found the information they provide along with their services very informative. It makes me realise how a website can be just as important as the business. It provides insight into the services the company provides and displays a portfolio full of examples of the type of work that can be produced by the company. This is how potential clients are attracted towards the company and its services.

The services they provide are well rounded as well – most of them I am experienced in such as 2D and 3D animation, designing, filming, photo/film editing and printing. I have some experience in web design but I would need to learn more to be able to provide equal services as companies such as pixelfactory.tv.

  • What are the benefits of aligning yourself with them joining/ paying for membership/subscribing to newsletters/ attending networking events?

I think that the benefit of aligning myself with such a company would satisfactorily benefit my career as they are experienced and well established in this area. They would know exactly what they are doing to be able to be successful in this industry and I might be able to learn from them and aim towards becoming a professional. I would definitely subscribe to their blog and follow their updates. After observing their blog I have seen that they upload show reel’s of their work and list the software’s used to create the effects in the footage. They offer a lot of tipsabout what could make a company successful, like in a particular post it demonstrates “10 Ways to Make Online Video Work For You” which was helpful because it explains the important factors that online video’s include.



Giant Leap Productions – Based in Leeds

  • Who they are?

They are a Yorkshire based production studio that specialise in shooting, editing and distributing digital video. They claim to combine their professionalism with high end creative technology to offer high quality service.

  • What services they provide?

Types of videos: Vanilla video – Promo videos – Training videos – Music videos – Live shoots – Event filming – Walkonweb. Video services: Script development – Storyboarding design – Filming – Website screen recording – Editing – Grading – Motion graphics – video encoding – DVD design – Kit hire.

  • How it’s relevant to you?

They are a video production company that offers services such as motion graphics which can relate to animation and 3D modelling. After reading through the ‘motion graphics’ page on their website, I see that they produce motion effects and are familiar with number of software packages that allow them to create 2d and 3D effects, track footage for compositing work and combine all these elements to help them create video projects. I like that they use software’s that I am familiar with: Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, Maya and 3Ds Max. This makes me feel confident that I can offer similar services when running my own business as I have created projects using such software’s. The other software’s that they use are: Apple Motion, Discreet Combustion, Apple Shake, Flame and Boujou. These are software’s that I might have to use in the future so it would be beneficial for me to explore these software’s to see how they work and work together to create possibly more improved projects.

  • What are the benefits of aligning yourself with them joining/ paying for membership/subscribing to newsletters/ attending networking events?

If I could align myself with this company then I may be able to help them by starting with smaller projects and moving on to working in bigger projects. I think with experience that I could gain from working with them would allow me to build the confidence to open my own business. If I had already set up a small business then I could offer them mine/my teams skill sets and work with the company on a basis of contract. If I payed for membership or subscribed to their newsletters, the information I would receive from the company might offer me insight on how some projects work, what software’s and techniques were used. Sometimes newsletter offer step by step guides to certain techniques and effects that could be useful for my experience and portfolio. attending a networking event would allow me to meet people from the company that might have a familiar skill set to mine and could help me understand how to improve the, sometimes they could point me in the right direction whether it’s the right person or anything that could help me grow as a 3D  modeller/animator.



The Production Company – Based in Leeds

  • Who they are?

They are a production company that specialises in video production for corporate and broadcast audiences. They work on projects from concept through to completion and their work involves high definition video production for broadcast, the web, presentation, exhibitions, training programmes and cinema adverts, CD/DVD ROM or filming events and conferences.

  • What services they provide?

They provide video production (pre-production, production and post production service) for:

– Broadcast – The web – Presentation – Exhibitions – Training programmes and cinema adverts – CD/DVD ROM – Filming events and conferences – Storyboarding and scripting

  • How it’s relevant to you?

Products they use for editing are Avid’s post production products (such as Avid’s Media Composer) and DaVinci Resolve, which I have heard of before but have not had any experience with. Maybe I would have to expand my knowledge in Avid products to be able to provide a broader service. They also use other software’s that I am aware of, which are Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

I believe that researching about this company and discovering the software’s they use will help me understand what software’s are useful for video editing and production. Although they do not offer services such as animation and 3D modelling, it still provides me with the knowledge of other necessary products that a video production company may have to acquire and services I would have to provide to be a flexible and efficient business.

  • What are the benefits of aligning yourself with them joining/ paying for membership/subscribing to newsletters/ attending networking events?

Allowing myself to join with such a company would definitely benefit my career as I would always be learning about how a video production company may be able to grow in positive ways. The knowledge and experience of a long time running company would assist me in predicting what actions I might have to consider in the future to make my business grow. Without the knowledge and experience of an expert to guide you, I don’t believe a person would be able to set up a business on their own. Maybe newsletters and attending social networking events would help broaden the connections between newcomers and experts. Taking part in certain discussions could allow a well known person to discover the potential of a future business partner or intern and help them grow.

Vivid Photo Visual – Based in Manchester

  • Who they are:

Vivid Photo Visual is a video production and commercial photography company based in Manchester. They specialise in concept creation, production and editing.

  • What services they provide:

Videos: Animations – Music Videos – Time Lapse Videos – Presenter Videos – Product Demonstrations – Product Videos – Company Profiles

Photography: Property – Lifestyle – Product – 360 (degrees) – Ariel

  • How it’s relevant to you?

The company demonstrates what a video production company can offer. After researching this company I have found out that photography can also be associated with a video production company. I am surprised and glad to know that photography can be associated with a video production company. This makes me want to establish a fully flexible company in the future. As I have an A Level in Photography and I have also made use of Photography during my current degree, I feel that I have the capabilities of providing Photography as a service. Vivid Photo Visual however seem to have many services in the video production area. Majority of the services this company provides focuses on promoting companies rather than focusing on the design of the video. The 3D models presented are there to pan around rather than the model animating. They seem to be a basic video production company.

  • What are the benefits of aligning yourself with them joining/ paying for membership/subscribing to newsletters/ attending networking events?

The benefits I would gain by joining such a company would be to gain the experience of working in a basic video production company and I think this is necessary to start off a company of my own. The company has twitter and blog feeds that could be useful.


DreamWorks – International Company & Practitioners

Dreamworks is an American film studio founded by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen. They have a studio that is more of a creative home and an artistic environment for them to work in; they are inspired by talent by working with talented people and they celebrate creativity. Meeting professionals and learning from them helps their progression. The way they work is a great idea can come from anywhere because entertainment is all around the world. Looking at their campus on Dreamworks website, they have a calm and serene environment that might help them concentrate on their work better. What I am looking at here is what could contribute to Dreamworks success. Maybe the environment they work in and the co-workers and professionals they work with helps each individual grow to a new height resulting in a great company. I really like Dreamworks CG animated films. The thought of bringing life to a character that was modeled on a software is incredible. The company also works on sculptures and paintings, they have movie nights that probably aids towards turning business into a family. It appears that the relationship between the company and its CEO is transparent so this would definitely make the co-workers feel that they can openly work and feel great about offering their inputs. What I conclude from this is that building firm bridges between co-workers and every other member of the company is a necessity, it will not only benefit the company but benefit everyone to work together to bring out the best in each other. With this company they are motivated each time the CEO blogs about meeting professionals and this I think probably gives them extra drive to want to become even more successful than they are currently to maybe reach the level that the CEO is at. The special part of this company to my knowledge i think is though they are a great company, they invite young talents who they watch and help grow. On the website it mentions that it is a “Place to foster and encourage creativity”, that phrase itself inspires creativity and that they support their co-workers to help them become better.


Production Designer – overseas the visuals of the film from beginning to end and makes sure the design supports the story the director are trying to portray and they work with various artists. Kathy Alteri started off as a background painter in television animation – then she went to features and then to Background Supervisior. After that she became an Art Director and current she is a Production Designer. To practice her skills she paints and draws constantly which is necessary to maintain her talent, she works all day with other artists, who she helps bring out the best they have to offer and they also learn from each other. This is the advantage to working with many talented individuals and feeding off of each others talents and ideas.

As well as the artist talents she has she also has hobbies such as Aikido (a Japanese martial art) Iaido (Japanese Swordsmanship), paint and writing.

She loves nature and she spent a lot of time drawing, painting and taking pictures of nature. She gives attention to detail. Alteri advises to keep growing your skills and loves outside your job – the more that is learnt the better you will get and the better you are the more people would want you.