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Music Montage

Photoshop Montage

Posted on June 9, 2009: http://www.mu-sik.com/2009/06/new-stars-use-music-studio-in-london-for-production-and-recording/

The model in this montage was also used in the party montage. This is a music montage that includes the dancer, an image of a studio blending in on the right that have been altered to be an orangey colour to the skintone of the dancer. There are also sound wavelengths of the same colour, along with everything on the right hand side disappearing as it reaches the middle. I feel that there isn’t enough space in it for the piece to ‘breathe’. The montage is too overwhelmed with images and patterns everywhere, its too ‘busy’ that it makes it hard for the viewer to focus on a particular part.


Party Montage

A Photoshop Montage


I really like this party montage because all the images used in this montage fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. I love how the cityscape’s opacity is reduced and blends in with the rest of the piece. It’s amazing how the woman in the image looks though as if she’s dancing and she’s been captured during a motion.

I would like to create something similar to this because I like the atmosphere in this montage; it gives a city/party feel to the picture. I like how the bright colours compliment each other.