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DreamWorks – International Company & Practitioners

Dreamworks is an American film studio founded by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen. They have a studio that is more of a creative home and an artistic environment for them to work in; they are inspired by talent by working with talented people and they celebrate creativity. Meeting professionals and learning from them helps their progression. The way they work is a great idea can come from anywhere because entertainment is all around the world. Looking at their campus on Dreamworks website, they have a calm and serene environment that might help them concentrate on their work better. What I am looking at here is what could contribute to Dreamworks success. Maybe the environment they work in and the co-workers and professionals they work with helps each individual grow to a new height resulting in a great company. I really like Dreamworks CG animated films. The thought of bringing life to a character that was modeled on a software is incredible. The company also works on sculptures and paintings, they have movie nights that probably aids towards turning business into a family. It appears that the relationship between the company and its CEO is transparent so this would definitely make the co-workers feel that they can openly work and feel great about offering their inputs. What I conclude from this is that building firm bridges between co-workers and every other member of the company is a necessity, it will not only benefit the company but benefit everyone to work together to bring out the best in each other. With this company they are motivated each time the CEO blogs about meeting professionals and this I think probably gives them extra drive to want to become even more successful than they are currently to maybe reach the level that the CEO is at. The special part of this company to my knowledge i think is though they are a great company, they invite young talents who they watch and help grow. On the website it mentions that it is a “Place to foster and encourage creativity”, that phrase itself inspires creativity and that they support their co-workers to help them become better.


Production Designer – overseas the visuals of the film from beginning to end and makes sure the design supports the story the director are trying to portray and they work with various artists. Kathy Alteri started off as a background painter in television animation – then she went to features and then to Background Supervisior. After that she became an Art Director and current she is a Production Designer. To practice her skills she paints and draws constantly which is necessary to maintain her talent, she works all day with other artists, who she helps bring out the best they have to offer and they also learn from each other. This is the advantage to working with many talented individuals and feeding off of each others talents and ideas.

As well as the artist talents she has she also has hobbies such as Aikido (a Japanese martial art) Iaido (Japanese Swordsmanship), paint and writing.

She loves nature and she spent a lot of time drawing, painting and taking pictures of nature. She gives attention to detail. Alteri advises to keep growing your skills and loves outside your job – the more that is learnt the better you will get and the better you are the more people would want you.